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BVC Compass Registration Privacy Statement, Copyright and Trademark Terms

Compass Registration Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important to us. The information you provide is used to create an account on this learning management system platform, Compass, to enable you to attend a BVC eCourse and/or register for a CTT Certification Programme delivered by one of BVCs Global Partner Trainers.  The information you provide is retained by BVC in accordance with our Privacy Policy and shared only with a Partner Trainer with whom you take a CTT Certification programme.  We will not sell your information for any reason. For more information regarding how your data is protected, please review our full  Privacy Policy.  If you would like to have your information removed from our databases, please Contact Us.

Copyright & Trademark Information 

By completing this registration form, you agree to observe the following copyright and trademark terms.

The following items are registered trademarks of Barrett Values Centre (BVC), LLC:  Barrett Values Centre, Cultural Entropy, Cultural Transformation Tools, Full Spectrum Consciousness, IROS, IRS, and Seven Levels of Consciousness.The registered trademark (®) must appear within any document upon the first appearance, as follows:

  • Full Spectrum Consciousness®
  • Seven Levels of Consciousness®
  • Cultural Transformation Tools®
  • Cultural Entropy®
  • Barrett Values Centre®
  • IROS®
  • IRS®

The information listed under Table 1 may be freely shared in print or digitally by CTT Certification training participants and BVC Certified Consultants with the following reference:  “Source: Barrett Values Centre.”

Upon completing CTT Certification Training to become accredited, BVC Certified Consultants may use or disclose the Cultural Transformation Tools ® listed under Table 2 below (as well as any other future Cultural Transformation Tools developed by BVC) only in (a) their client engagements or within their organisations where the Cultural Transformation Tools survey instruments are being used. BVC Certified Consultants may not use the Cultural Transformation Tools ® or the training materials from their certification program to (a) certify others in the use of the Cultural Transformation Tools ®, (b) make copies of the course materials for the purposes of certifying other people in the use of the Cultural Transformation Tools, (c) develop tools and survey instruments that use the Cultural Transformation Tools methodology or survey process.  The first use and reference to the Cultural Transformation Tools must always include the copyright symbol and be presented as follows:  Cultural Transformation Tools ® (CTT). All reprints of the Cultural Transformation Tools must include the copyright notice:  Barrett Values Centre, Copyright 1997-2019.

BVC Certified Consultants may co-brand their materials with BVC and indicate that they are working “in partnership with Barrett Values Centre” when describing their services that utilize BVC Intellectual Property and the Cultural Transformation Tools. 

Table 1: BVC Concepts

  • Seven Levels of Consciousness diagram
  • Seven Levels of Consciousness levels descriptions
  • Seven Levels of Personal Consciousness
  • Seven Levels of Organizational Consciousness
  • Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness
  • Business Needs Scorecard
  • Four Why’s Process

Table 2: Cultural Transformation Tools®

  • Individual Values Assessment (IVA)
  • Individual Development Report (IDR)
  • Team Values Assessment (TVA)
  • Corporate Culture Assessment (CCA)
  • Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)
  • Leadership Development Report (LDR)
  • Leadership Values and Behaviour Assessment
  • Exiting Employee Assessment (EEA)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Compatibility
  • Coach’s Values Assessment
  • Client Values Assessment
  • School Values Assessment
  • Classroom Values Assessment
  • Community Values Assessment
  • National Values Assessment (NVA)


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