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Virtual Leadership Coaching Training – Niran Jiang

December, 2021

202106Dec(Dec 6)9:00 am11(Dec 11)12:00 pmEvent CancelledVirtual Leadership Coaching Training - Niran JiangVirtual - Please contact the instructor for specific times as it can be adjusted due to time zones.Language:EnglishRegion:Virtual Price: US $1600


Niran Jiang

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6 (Monday) 9:00 am - 11 (Saturday) 12:00 pm



Virtual - Please contact the instructor for specific times as it can be adjusted due to time zones.


US $1600


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If you wish to become an integral change agent to aid human consciousness evolution, this is an essential training for you. It is designed for consultants, change agents and human resource professionals who want to become highly skilled and confident in leveraging the Barrett Analytics for leadership and personal transformation.

Your trainer Niran Jiang is a personal and organisational development practitioner with 25 years of diverse experience from around the world. She designed transformation programs for a diverse group of organizations involving from 50 to 330,000 people, and facilitated large-scale organizational and leadership transformation initiatives across a wide spectrum of sectors. She coached hundreds of executives and managers with diverse backgrounds. A seasoned trainer, she developed thousands of coaches and change consultants worldwide.

Niran will guide your learning with a wealth of practitioner knowledge, client case stories and best practice studies. Participants will engage in a highly experiential journey to develop Barrett expertise, practical skills as well as self-belief to make a difference in this field with your personal edge.

Specific program timing will be set with the registered participants based on mutual feasibilities and preferences. It would be spread out over a period of one week, with virtual workshops, self-studies and peer practices. For inquiries, please email the trainer directly at



“Prework was very helpful in gaining an understanding of the foundations, which expedited the learning experience. Niran was excellent at listening to each of the participant’s unique needs, experiences and questions and responded effectively to these inquiries. She did a wonderful job at facilitating learning for each of us. She kept things balanced between emotional and intellectual learning and having fun. She created an extremely comfortable environment for learning.” Ron Thomas, Butler University, USA


“The opportunities for discussion and engagement were exceptional – the best I have had in a virtual session. Niran really used the virtual tools to their greatest extent to facilitate a collaborative session. I liked her calm and warm approach – really insightful, very strong interpersonal approach and perfect for this course. The LDR process left us all on a huge high. I would strongly recommend the course.” Max Evans, Ernst & Young, UK


 “Being able to learn in a non-judgmental and kind space was renewing and re-energizing, taking the content to a new level of understanding and experience. Most valuable to learn from Niran and her balance of competency training, the technical knowledge and deep experience. Niran is truly extraordinary, dancing with dexterity between the levels of consciousness in her teaching and her presence, with love, strength, wisdom, knowledge, humour and generosity. This training was a gift and a privilege. It has opened up new paces of awareness for me, and new possibilities for community connection and meaning.” Hayley Kodesh, P 7 Consulting, Australia


“The training made me gain awareness of my limiting behaviours and the methodology is very powerful and mind-opening. The highlight during the program was the very high level of open-mindedness and truthful sharing with the group in a very intimate way. It has just been a pure pleasure and lesson of deep and infinite compassion. Niran is a master in using the power of words and triggering deep consciousness. I am so grateful for discovering a part of me, hidden deep inside that is finally revealing. Having the opportunity to build my knowledge and practice based on this powerful methodology is a source of new energy I so desperately was looking for.” Julien Schmidt, L’Occitane Group, France


 “Niran’s “highest” level of consciousness inspired me as a coach and facilitator of CTT and so much more. Her grounded-ness in business and connecting head with heart – culture with strategy, survey with bigger business needs – was invaluable.

Her holding space, her clarity and conciseness, sharing of her personal business experiences, laughing at her humanity and her openness is amazing. Her vulnerability is beautiful. Her mastery of the tool, of coaching and of business transformation is inspirational and she’s shown me many ways I can better serve my clients deeply and meaningfully.” Malti Bhojwani, Coach & Facilitator, Singarpore


“The training is about putting you in the great space of opportunities that you are given a wand and you just need to know what to touch, why and HOW. Niran with her energy and high vibration made the space so real for us although it was a virtual training. Her pure authentic style clearly set a great role model for all as future CTT practitioner.  She could so much live within our energy and space as if she knows us for long time. I do so much appreciate her wisdom she puts in the last 5 days. How I feel about her is; She is like a deep ocean and you can find anything you are looking for with her. She has all the stars from me.” Canan ILTER, Enso Executive & Corporate Coaching, Turkey


“Most valuable to reflect on Barrett’s model, my own framework/theory of adult development and listen to a thoughtful, experienced researcher and OD practitioner in Niran. She is sophisticated and subtle, conceptual and practical at the same time. She has a good theory of development and philosophy of life that together with her experience in the fields of organization and individual development provides wonderful insights.” Cam Danielson, Odyssey, USA


“I am amazed and grateful at how meaningful and touching this training was, even being an elearning format. I have worked with teams in a virtual environment for years. Yet, in this training, I felt a heart to heart connection I haven’t experienced before. I loved Niran’s drive. I have learned from her much more than CTT framework!” Malena Philpotts, Parrhesian, Argentina


“Niran is generous and knowledgeable, and the joy she finds from working with the tools and her clients is inspiring. Each time I felt myself slipping into the ‘I don’t understand’ abyss, Niran was able to gently nudge and guide me to a different level of knowledge. Given this course was online this shows Niran’s amazing people skills and ability to read people very well to gauge learning even though we are all situated in different countries and places around the world and connecting ‘online’. I am very much looking forward to getting out there with my clients and using the CTT tools. Many thanks to Niran and to the Values Centre for the excellent training, and the amazing array of resources I now have to help my clients.” Tanya Southworth, Alchemy Change Hub, Australia


The Institute of Human Excellence (IHE) was founded by Sir John Whitmore and Niran Jiang to serve organisations who wish to develop their people to the highest levels of performance at work, to have greater fulfilment in their personal lives and to make a contribution to the wider community. IHE provides advisory, consulting and coaching services in the area of leadership, transformation and diversity.


“At Westpac, we started on a journey to become a high-performing ‘One Team’. Niran and Richard Barrett played an important role in helping us focus on who we are, what we stand for and how we work together to bring out the best in each other.” Ex-CEO, Westpac


“We worked with IHE since 2011 on a cultural program for TAL, which has flowed through the organisation really well as we have engaged our people. We had seen higher staff engagement, fewer negatives observed by staff, higher business and cultural momentum, and a sense among staff that our core purpose is very valuable and important to Australia. The partnership has been very successful. We also continue to use today the models and techniques Niran shared with us, and these have become important barometers for the TAL culture.” Ex and Current CEOs, TAL


“IHE’s organic approach to building organisational values worked very well for us. People engaged in the process and thereby took ownership. And with her expert assistance we were able to better penetrate and align personal and organisational values.” CEO, nib

As a leading institute for leadership and organisational development, IHE designed and delivered large-scale change programmes for a diverse group of organisations involving from 30 to 330,000 people. Organisations across sectors have been choosing IHE as their preferred partner for cultural transformation, leadership development and executive coaching.



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