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Full Spectrum at Work™

A coaching program to take you to a new level in your work.

Full Spectrum at Work is a group coaching program based on a deep body of knowledge ranging from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs to Richard Barrett’s ground-breaking Seven Levels of Human Consciousness.


This program will inspire and support anyone who wants to grow at work, whether they are part of a large corporation, an entrepreneurial startup, or a community service organization: Anyone who needs to get the best from themselves and others on a daily basis.


  • Participants will assess where they currently are on the BVC Seven Levels of Consciousness, and use these insights to become more effective, productive, and fulfilled at work.
  • They will learn the value of living a “Full Spectrum” life, attending to their basic needs (like safety, relationships, and self-esteem) as well as the more self-actualizing ways they wish to grow (eg living in line with their values, making a difference, and serving others)
  • They will come up with ways to take practical action, with growth at each of the Seven Levels

What participants get in Full Spectrum at Work

  • 1-on-1 debrief of the BVC Personal Values Assessment, followed by group coaching from a highly experienced senior-executive coach and BVC trainer-partner.
  • Small group coaching sessions + seven 30-day challenges that focus monthly on each of the Seven Levels of Individual Consciousness (Survival, Relationship, Self-Esteem, Transformation, Internal Cohesion, Making a Difference, and Service), with valuable follow-up work between sessions.
  • Easily managed time commitment:  A 10-minute daily commitment to engage in practical actions that create immediate positive results.
  • Coach access for additional personalized support between sessions as needed.

About the Coach

Amy Powell has been a top-tier executive coach for more than 20 years, working with executives in large US and International companies.  She works one-on-one with senior leaders, helping them to transition to CEO and C-Suite roles. She also runs highly effective group coaching programs, working with small groups in-person or online, ensuring that participants get the same benefits as they would in one-on-one engagements.   

She has designed Full Spectrum at Work™ so that participants will have a personalized experience of insight, growth and action.

For a list of Amy’s qualifications, certifications and testimonials, please go to

Full Spectrum at Work:  AT-A-GLANCE

In this coaching program, you’ll focus on small steps to make lasting changes.

“Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes” Amy Cuddy

You’ll have a one-on-one debrief of your Personal Values Assessment with Amy Powell – to be scheduled prior to the first session.  This debrief will be followed with a series of seven 30-day challenges, with a specific focus related to each of the levels in the BVC Seven Levels.

In this kick-off session we’ll explore the many ways we may or may not be “safe” in our work and our lives, and how we can create a base level of safety that will support us as we go on to greater things.  You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel – and the energy you will gain – through creating safety over this month.

Have you got your relationships right?  With your team, your colleagues, your managers, your stakeholders, your loved ones?  In this session we’ll explore what a difference 10 minutes a day over this month can make in your key relationships and your sense of connection with others.

Self-esteem, in this context, is about achievement, professional growth, self-belief and much more.  Do we have the right practices in place for us to thrive as business people, and in other realms of our lives?  These can give us the time and space we need to do what we know is really important!

In this session, you’ll embrace your uniqueness.  You’ll focus this month on what you want to stand for at work; how to create the balance you want, and how to be courageous and strong when it counts.

Are you the person you’d hoped you’d be?  Living in alignment with your values? Bringing your whole self to work?  In this session, and over this month, you’ll find practical ways to grow by walking your own talk.

For most of us, there comes a point when we want to give back: To our colleagues, our communities, our team members, our friends and families, or causes we believe in.  But often we don’t know how to start. In this session, we’ll identify habits and actions that will help us “be the change” we want to see in the world.

Giving to give; without asking anything in return. We don’t experience much true service in life. As Mother Theresa said; “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” In this session, we’ll be looking for meaningful acts of service that will enrich others’ lives.

We’ll measure your progress, and experience the difference this full-spectrum journey has made in your work, your personal life, and beyond.

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