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As a BVC Trainer, Alex focuses on the accreditation of in-tact HR teams and as a BVC Consultant, she has a focus on organisation-wide cultural assessment and change and leadership 360 assessment and coaching. She was also a small group presenter at the BVC Conference in South Africa.

Alex has 5 years of experience as the principal director of HR consultancy company – The People Factor and 20+ years strategic HR and leadership development experience across a range of industries, including FMCG, Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, and Travel. She also has experience with clinical counseling.

She earned her post-graduate diploma in Leadership and Workplace Development and also has a Bachelor of Social Science in Counselling and a diploma of Business Management. She has also earned a certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, Neuro-linguistic programming accredited practitioner, a Facilitating Through Values accredited facilitator with Corpevolution, and a Hogan psychometric tools administrator.

Alex’s top 3 values are well-being (physical, mental, spiritual), freedom (physical and financial), and growth (personal, professional, and of others).

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Andrea has 20-years’ experience as a change management consultant, facilitator, and coach. She has spent the last few years building her capability and expertise in mapping cultures and helping leaders take their organisations on a Transformation Journey.

Her aim is to guide participants through the training and for them to become BVC Practitioner and she does this by providing clarity and structure in the training, deepening their knowledge and experience, with a learning platform before and with 3 webinars after. She also helps the participants find their own passion for cultural transformation and supports them in being Practitioner with courage, compassion, and creativity.

Andrea is passionate about working with transformation for people using heart energy.
Andrea is also a facilitator in Richard Barrett’s program Living Your Soul’s Destiny”.

Andre’s core values are independence, personal growth and making a difference.


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Ane Araujo is a Psychologist and expert in Cultural Transformation, Change Management, Leadership Development, and Executive Coaching.

As Partner at Marcondes Consultoria since 1994, drawing upon a 16-year career as an HR executive, she coaches and works with clients to maximize their leadership performance and organizational productivity and prosperity. She is the creator of a comprehensive approach to Leadership and Coaching including:

The Model 7KPAs (Key Performance Activators)
Workshop “Leader Coach: managing strategic action”
Book: “Coach: a partner for your success”

In addition to being a BVC Global Partner delivering certification, Ane is also a Master trainer in The Human Element© and LIFO – Life Orientations©.

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Anita lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa and runs her own consulting practice, Anita Verster & Associates.  The main focus of her work is Culture and Individual transformation, Individual and group mindfulness coaching & training, and Leadership Development and Coaching. She has experienced the BVC training as transformational in nature and hence finds fulfillment in observing and becoming a partner in the individual and organizational well-being that flows from this work.

She aims to create clarity and brings compassion to the certification programs and her intention is always to create a conducive and safe space for learning, experimenting, experiencing, and growth. As a qualified psychologist and previously IT Management Consultant, Anita brings a mix of soft and hard skills to her training.

After recently reflecting and contemplating her personal and professional values again, she found that her values have shifted somewhat, although the themes remained the same. Currently, her top three values are knowingness, well-being, and integrity.  Knowingness for Anita brings clarity and truthfulness yet a strong sense of humility.  Well-being is still very important to her – and includes the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental domains of life.  Without integrity she feels everything falls flat; hence her choices, decisions, and actions bring a sense of inner calm and peacefulness which, as she matures, become more and more important to her.

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Ma mission : accompagner les transformations humaines et culturelles au sein des entreprises. Oser l’essentiel pour donner du sens et s’ouvrir aux opportunités d’un futur émergent dans une organisation vivante et apprenante pour relever les défis des mutations en cours.
Ma conviction : investir dans le capital humain et culturel des organisations permet d’obtenir des résultats tangibles et mesurables en termes de performance économique en conciliant bien-être au travail, engagement et performance durable.
Mes axes d’intervention combinent gestion de projet de transformation culturelle et comportementale, accompagnement managérial et coaching d’équipes dirigeantes, facilitation d’évènements marquants avec des méthodes d’intelligence collective, transformation du leadership et animation de parcours d’apprentissage de compétences émotionnelles et relationnelles.
Dans une approche de coaching organisationnel, mes interventions sont élaborées « sur mesure » en co-construction avec mes clients. Mon mode d’accompagnement des transformations implique les personnes, les équipes et l’organisation dans son ensemble.
– Co-auteure de « PRO en Leadership », (Vuibert, janvier 2020)
– Contributrice dans le « Guide de l’organisation apprenante » (Eyrolles 2018)
– Contributrice dans les 2 livres de Richard Barrett : « Libérer l’âme de l’entreprise : Bâtir une organisation visionnaire guidée par les valeurs » (De Boeck 2015) et « L’entreprise inspirée par les valeurs, Libérer le potentiel humain pour une performance durable » (De Boeck 2003, réédité en 2017).
– Contributrice dans « A world book of Values »de Patrick Somers & Kate Stephenson, 2013

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Carlo is an executive coach, facilitator, and trainer. He is also an affiliate professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at ESCP Europe since 2006 and he intervenes in different international business schools.

He founded Facilitation Zone in 2011. The projects he manages for his clients include Cultural Transformation, Training & Development and Executive/Team Coaching. His clients are spread across most sectors and European countries. Carlo works in English, French and Italian. Previously, Carlo worked for several years at McKinsey & Company in the Banking, Oil & Gas, Power, Media & Entertainment, Telecom and Travel & Logistic sectors. His work mainly involved strategy, organisation, turn-around and business development. Before joining McKinsey, Carlo worked as a Lieutenant for the Guardia di Finanza, “a military police corps” responsible for fiscal crimes. Carlo also spent a period of time as a professional actor in theatres.

Carlo holds an MSc in Statistics and Economics from the University of Rome, an MBA from INSEAD (France, Singapore), an MA in Counseling and Expressive Art Therapy from ASPIC (Rome), and is a Newfield Certified Coach (Colorado, USA). He also holds different certifications such as BVC Consultant, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, and Cultural Orientation Framework Practitioner.

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Drs. Dirk Spangenberg (Netherlands, Amsterdam), MMC, consultant, trainer, coach
Dirk provides training in English, French, German and Dutch since 2012 and he has worked with BVC since 1998.

Dirk gains energy to deliver these interactive training, individual support and coaching on a regular basis to people with different backgrounds and to empower them with working with values and the implementation. He has been a consultant and coach for more than 20 years. His experience with big companies, smaller companies, and individuals has helped management by values, becoming stronger and more resilient.

He has experience in different types of branches, including Food, IT, Healthcare, Consultancy, and Government.

Outside of work, Dirk loves running in the woods, doing yoga and travelling.
Dirk’s core values are result orientation, future generations, diversity, shared vision, and values.

Please visit Dirk’s website and LinkedIn for more information.

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Ellen Robinson, President of TEAM Performance, works with forward-thinking leaders who want to bring their very best selves to work and life. Her primary focus is on creating transformational programs that get results. For the past 33 years of her career, Ellen has worked with change agents, consultants, Fortune 500 companies, small business owners, non-profit organizations and government agencies to improve the workplace culture.

Ellen is passionate about living her values of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being (PEMS), making a difference, and spending time with family and friends. Ellen has a talent for listening and infuses her training and certifications with a 5,000-year-old energy system. Merging her unique experiences allows for faster learning, integration, and transformation.

Ellen discovered the teachings of Richard Barrett in 1998 and knew immediately that this was the additional piece she had been looking for in the areas of values and culture. His work and insights touched her soul and have continued to guide her in client interactions.

Ellen has been leading certifications since 2004.  She is passionate about helping other people understand the seven levels and assisting organizations in learning how to ask meaningful questions that create a dialogue for transformation. She strongly believes that using the BVC Analytics creates possibilities for a new future, new behaviours, and new worlds of happiness.

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Else is a dedicated Global Trainer with 20 years of experience in facilitating cultural transformation in business and in education: a talented Senior Coach, a creative Senior Facilitator, a wise Trainer, a passionate Teacher, and a compassionate Mentor. She loves to share her wisdom, experience and learning.

Else’s scientific background (physics) gives her an analytic mindset that she combines with intuition and wisdom. Else’s approach is sensitive, pragmatic, dynamic and holistic, striving for wellbeing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

She can facilitate in Dutch, French, and English. Please see her LinkedIn profile for more information. She has 14 years of active experience in delivering Barrett Analytics Certification Trainings.

Her passion is transforming organisations into full spectrum sustainable and resilient organisations by building values-driven cultures and by supporting authentic leadership. With a heart for education and striving for a sustainable values-driven society.

As a founder of Esclarmonde, she supports the global goals for sustainable development by creating community gardens, being an active member of the Transition Network, teaching permaculture and designing landscapes. Also by facilitating cultural transformation in order to build sustainable & resilient values driven organizations, schools and enterprises.

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Esther is a passionate executive coach and facilitator. She has 15 years of experience supporting transformations and her focus is on building high performing teams, shifting cultures towards a more open, customer and human needs-oriented approach. This means leading clients through the ‘soft side’ of large-scale change, developing and coaching senior leaders and facilitating executive teams through shifting the underlying mindsets that block performance growth. Values are at the heart of these transformational journeys.

Esther has a true passion to include values dialogues and the 7 levels walk in every transformational intervention she designs and facilitates. Clients often describe her as empathic, open, inspiring to work with and able to quickly create a trustworthy atmosphere in a group. Esther believes first and foremost to create a safe space where clients come to important personal insights and deepen their working relationships with each other, so they can transform the way they work, relate and parent and love.
Esther has successfully completed Gita Bellin’s Facilitator Development Program and is part of Lisa Doig’s certified facilitator group who is offering the Facilitating Transformation Through Values and Purpose program worldwide. Next, she has also developed a new facilitator development program at Aberkyn, called Lotus, of which she is a part of, and where values and levels of consciousness are a fundamental element of.

Esther’s core values are family, creativity, and well-being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

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A Chartered Business Psychologist, OD Expert, facilitator, and Executive Coach, Faiza brings over 18 years of experience helping organisations and leaders develop high performing cultures. Faiza’s grounded and commercial approach is built on a strong foundation of both consulting across various business sectors including mainly FTSE 100 companies as well as experience working in-house within the financial services sector.

Faiza gained particular recognition, supporting a six-year culture transformation as part of a business turn-around at Old Mutual, a £13.7 billion international investment, savings, insurance, and banking group with over 16million customers worldwide. The BVC Certification played a central role in connecting culture with purpose, customer, strategy, and performance. The Old Mutual Story has been recognised as a best practice case study by Barrett Values Centre and the Financial Reporting Council. The success of this work was underpinned by the inclusive dialogue-based approach that empowered every employee to own and shape their culture and ultimately inspired Faiza to become a trainer.

Much of her recent work involves supporting small to medium sized entrepreneurial organisations to embed a strong and cohesive culture that is aligned with their strategy and long-term vision. With her deep training in Gestalt therapy, group dynamics and psychology, Faiza supports leaders to think systemically and holistically, in order to work faster through difficult operational, political and cultural challenges. She is regularly invited to support teams understand how to manage their unique cultural dynamics and increase their effectiveness.

Faiza’s top three values are Family, Creativity, and Freedom. She is a proud mum of three, and in her spare time works as a therapist at a London based charity supporting marginalized women.

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Gabriela’s core values are confidence, integrity, and future generations. She is passionate about having the opportunity to be a Global trainer at BVC and multiply through people, teams and organizations the evolutionary capacity and orientation towards the common good that we humans have. Building the future is our challenge! She contributes this from her role by promoting this great BVC Model and Tools for many years. Gabriela actively participates in the development of new programs and initiatives that contribute to the development of our network and the ability to transform our organizations and communities.

Gabriela has been responsible for business development in Latin America and Spain for the company Terra owned by Grupo Telefónica, from this position she has implemented alliances in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain, and USA.

In Transform Action she has implemented “in-company” Processes of Cultural Transformation in companies in Spain and Latin America.

Since 2012, as Global Trainer of Barrett Values Center, she has certified people from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Gabriela is a co-author of the book “A World Book of Values” and has participated in the production of the Spanish editions of the books ” Liberating the Corporate Soul”, “The Values-Driven Organization” and “Metrics of Human Consciousness” written by Richard Barrett.

Gabriela has participated in the implementation of the first National Values Assessment in Argentina and the Values Assessment of the Community of Extremadura in Spain.

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In 1999, Hector met Richard Barrett in the Business & Consciousness Conference and immediately made the decision to integrate this into his personal and professional life.

Since 2000, Hector has belonged to the BVC Network. Since then he has applied BVC in his professional practice and has developed applications to align human competencies systems with the Barrett Model.

Since 2002 – as Global Trainer at BVC – Hector has certified hundreds of consultants and applied the BVC Model with thousands of people from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Perú, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

He has published the Spanish edition of “Liberating the Corporate Soul” and “The Values-Driven Organization” by Richard Barrett. He is also the co-author of “Get Connected” and “A World Book of Values”.

Hector has also developed the “Seven Archetypes Model ” and Programs “Systemic Cultural Transformation”, “Facilitator of Evolutionary Change” and “Cultural Business Partner”.

As a Change Management Consultant, he has developed Cultural Change Programs for the Improvement of Key Indicators of Performance in organizations in Spain and Latin America.

Hector’s core values are vision, making a difference, creativity, and accountability.

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During Inês’s journey, the will to learn continuously and find the best solutions for people and organizations have moved her toward the ever-changing challenges and scenarios in Portugal and Brazil.

Inês has worked in various positions, segments, and business models and always with a special look to values. Since her arrival in Brazil, in 2012, she focused on work in the cultural transformation area. She went deeper studying and applying the Barrett Analytics ®  and other methodologies as a consultant, executive coach, consultancy executive director, BVC Trainer, and then started her own company for cultural transformation work called Values Move.

This gave her the opportunity to put into action different types of cultural transformational projects. This cultural variety gave her tremendous learning, enriched her eyes on the world, and helps her add value to the different companies she collaborates with.

Inês’s dream is for everybody to have the opportunity to connect with themselves and choose the best they can do with their lives in a conscious way. Being a BVC  virtual and Presential Trainer is a platform for this dream and it is the place for her to share learnings, be surrounded by inspiring people and contributeby providing  profound experiences that enrich  and support individuals in their journey.

Inês’s top values are openness, future generations, and forgiveness.

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Ingunn has been a cultural transformation consultant for more than 15 years. She has led several cultural transformation projects for a range of different clients, public, private and NGOs.  Working with transformation, she has learnt that for those going through change, maintaining motivation and energy is the most important, and the most difficult. This is why Ingunn has chosen to work with values as her key tool for working with change.  Values make it possible to gain deep insight, build relationships and become concrete when dealing with an abstract field like culture. Values motivate us to reach common goals and coordinate our efforts in teams and organisations.

Ingunn has been a partner in Barrett Values Center since 2015. She has since then used the Barrett model to work with culture and change in small and large organisations, different types of teams, for leadership and personal development.

Ingunn has been a trainer for BVC since 2017 and is the only accredited trainer in Norway. She carries out regular training in Oslo and other parts of Norway.

Ingunn has her degree in social anthropology from the University of Oslo and is a specialist in assessing and understanding culture and cultural differences.

She is also a certified coach specialising in relationship and systems coaching (ORSC).

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Since 2008, Johan has worked with Barrett Analytics® in order to develop values-driven organizations, through individual development. Johan became Trainer in 2012 and shares Barrett Values ​​Centre’s vision of being a global resource for the development of human consciousness.

Johan has the confidence of many CEOs and management groups in supporting them in their personal and organizations’ journey of change, to meet todays and tomorrow’s demands for attractiveness, agility, and productivity through a values-driven leadership and living culture.

With the foundation of the latest in research in behavioural science, his personal journey of change (going from being burned out to living his passion and purpose) and professional experience in business and organizational development, he knows how individuals and groups and organizations can reach their full potential.

Johan’s own values ​​are to make a difference, respect and have a positive attitude towards life, and openness. Johan is very curious and loves to develop and learn new skills in collaboration. He likes to do this with others. Through his courage, he challenges both himself and others by questioning given norms. Johan’s family and his own health are values ​​that underpin his feeling of safety in life. Johan lives in Sweden with his wife, Lisa and their three sons. His greatest interest is to get out on the sea with his sailboat.

You can find more information about Johan and his company Lead&Grow on his Swedish website

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Kathleen Seeley is an author, international speaker, coach and corporate leadership consultant. She is transparent, edgy, walks her talk, and unapologetically lives her most authentic and passionate life. She makes learning a dynamic transformational experience. Kathleen is able to gain trust and build relationships in a remarkably fast and authentic manner. Her guiding values are Authenticity, Integrity, and Compassion.

Kathleen is the founder and CEO of Massively Human LeadershipⓇ; a consulting firm focused on building sustainable values-driven cultures, developing values-based leaders, building teams and tapping into human potential.

For the past 9 years, Kathleen has been a Senior Consultant and Trainer with Jack Canfield, the Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and an Adjunct Faculty Member at George Washington University in Washington DC.

As a Training Partner with The Barrett Values CentreⓇ (BVC), she offers a unique, blended learning approach to her CTT Practitioner Certification that aims to offer a holistic package designed to support graduates in their integration with The Barrett Values Centre and use of tools.

In addition to her unique blended learning Practitioner Certification, Kathleen provides continued support and development to her community of Practitioners by hosting monthly Community Calls. These calls create a strong supportive community fostering collaboration, continuous learning and ongoing support for graduates. The calls are highly interactive and recorded for future reference. Kathleen also provides an Online Resource Centre filled with additional tools for continued support of her growing vibrant community of Practitioners.

With Kathleen’s strong facilitation and teaching skills, in addition to the ongoing support offered post-training, an optimal learning environment is created.  To learn more email or visit

To learn more about Kathleen you can visit her personal website: or her corporate consulting business website:

Connect with Kathleen on Social Media:


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Niran co-founded the Institute of Human Excellence with Sir John Whitmore. She is a strategic advisor, change facilitator and executive coach with over 25 years of experience around the world. She has delivered large-scale transformation programmes across sectors, improved performance with boards and management teams, coached hundreds of executives and managers and trained thousands of coaches and consultants.

She started her career as a business professor at ShenZhen University and was among the first generation academics to pioneer free market in China. She was a research fellow on Cultural Anthropology at the University of Utah, a faculty for the Sustainability Program established by The Prince of Wales and the University of Cambridge, and a faculty of High Impact Performance at ING Business School.

An ex-executive at Coca-Cola and SC Johnson, Niran has managed large brands and businesses internationally.  She built the first trends intelligence group to lead strategic planning and innovation in Coca-Cola USA and incubated the largest acquisition for S.C. Johnson. She is the co-founder of Be the Change Australia and an executive director for the Club of Budapest in Australia.

Niran facilitated transformation for organisations involving 50 to 330,000 people. Working with boards, leadership teams and whole organizations, she accumulated rich experiences in harvesting complexities to shift mindsets, evolve dynamics and change behaviours. Niran has a keen sensibility to dissolve behavioural issues and root-causes to create a sustainable performance.  Her natural system methodologies, underpinning performance, potential and purpose, empower clients to accelerate results.

With a 15-year track record in delivering coaching and CTT certification training, Niran continues to expand her methodologies for cultivating powerful practitioners across diverse backgrounds. Her transpersonal coach and facilitator training, endorsed by BVC, provides robust values-based models and coherent set of practical tools for building resilient and successful individuals and organizations in a VUCA world.

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Roberto Ziemer is an author, speaker and coach/consultant on leadership, culture, managing transitions and psychological safety. He is passionate to support and develop leaders, teams, and organizations to explore and actualize their full potential. 

Roberto is the founder and CEO of Liderança Integral (Integral Leadership), a consulting firm based in Brazil that specializes in measuring and conducting cultural transformation programs, assessing and developing leaders, teams and organizations using the New Leadership Paradigm systemic model. 

For the past 21 years Roberto has been a Senior Consultant using the Barrett Models in the Brazilian and LATAM market, and in the last 7 years has also been a Global Trainer and Partner of the Barrett Values Centre. 

In addition to the cultural and leadership programs, Roberto has been using other approaches that expand and bring new perspectives on human, leadership and organizational development, between them: Managing Transitions (based on the work of William Bridges); Psychological Safety (Tim Clark); Managing Polarities (Barry Johnson) and Parts Psychology/Internal Family Systems (Dick Schwartz).  

To connect with Roberto’s consulting firm, you can visit or write directly to him: 

His mother language is Brazilian Portuguese, but he can also lead programs in English and Spanish.

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Serena, an Industrial Psychologist with over 17 years’ experience in the public and private sector, founded HomeGround Advantage Consulting with the aim of making a difference in the lives of Southern African employees and organisations. Prior to starting her own practice, Serena has had extensive experience across the Financial Services Sector and has since worked across various sectors as part of her consulting portfolio.

As a specialist in Organisational Development, Serena has had the opportunity to design and implement people and team effectiveness programmes in various organisations. These programmes have included assessing the organisation’s culture and climates, implementing organisational change plans, employee engagement tactics and psychometric assessments using a variety of tools.

As one of a handful of Barrett Values Centre® accredited trainers in South Africa, she is equipped to both assess and consult on the culture of an organisation as well as train on the Cultural Transformation Tools®.

Serena’s experience as an executive and leadership coach, together with her diagnostic tools, works with both individuals and teams to support them to reach their full potential.

Serena holds a Masters degree in Social Science and is a registered Industrial Psychologist. This foundation combined with her in-depth experience across the various organisations and industries contributes to her proficiency to offer specialist advice on:

Organisational culture and climate diagnostics
Organisational Development consulting, including all types of change management
Employee engagement and Employee Value Propositions
Psychometric assessments
Leadership development
Strategy facilitation

Serena is based in Johannesburg.

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Víctor is a consultant, speaker, author, coach and specialist in Strategy, leadership, Values, innovation and cultural transformation. Apart from being a consultant in his own firm, Spirit- Happiness First, he is also a professor at ESADE and EADA business schools and Barcelona University, among others.

Trainer and Global Partner of the Barrett Values Center (BVC) from 2015 and a great practitioner of the Barrett model, a key methodology to evolve the culture and values of leaders and organizations. Along with Appreciative Inquiry (IA) – he is also certified – they are two of the models that he uses most in his work with organizational leaders on their journey toward cultural transformation. In addition, he is an accredited practitioner in the “Walking the talk” (WTT) model of cultural change, in TA, design thinking, Business Canvas and AoH, among other methodologies.

Victor loves when people connect to the 7 levels and start noticing how values can bring meaning to their lives both currently and in their near future.

His top 3 values are adaptability, fairness, and enthusiasm and he believes we are on this planet to make a difference. His purpose (jointly with his friend and partner Bernardo) is that companies practice “Stakeholders happiness First” through the creation of an inclusive and connected to the common good culture.

In 2021 he wrote the book: “Purpose and Values: how to make your organization’s culture flourish” in Spanish, where he reveals all his experience facilitating strategic and cultural transformation projects to improve results and well-being. Working with boards, and leadership teams and involving the whole organization, in many international (Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Brazil, China, USA, Italy, Poland, Russia, Middle East, Turkey …) and LATAM companies’ transformations.

For more information, you can visit:   or

His mother language is Spanish, and he also leads programs in English and Portuguese

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Vincent embraces the values of Wisdom, Respect and Making-a-Difference. He has over 25 years of experience in Organisation and Customer Experience Transformation and Culture Development. Given the nature of the client engagements, he has worked across diverse industries such as government services, healthcare, publishing and media, education, logistics, manufacturing services, financial services, property development and consultancy, distribution and retail. He is an expert facilitator and personally coaches both senior management team and staff on areas such as strategic development and transition management, culture development, customer experience, leadership team development and change management. He has worked in Singapore, China, the US, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

His consulting focus is on organisation & culture transformation, change management, customer experience consulting and leadership team coaching.

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