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Andrea Bokler

Professional Biography

Andrea has 20-years’ experience as a change management consultant, facilitator, and coach. She has spent the last few years building her capability and expertise in mapping cultures and helping leaders take their organisations on a Transformation Journey.

Her aim is to guide participants through the training and for them to become a CTT Practitioner and she does this by providing clarity and structure in the training, deepening their knowledge and experience, with a learning platform before and with 3 webinars after. She also helps the participants find their own passion for cultural transformation and supports them in being a Practitioner with courage, compassion, and creativity.

Andrea is passionate about working with transformation for people using heart energy.
Andrea is also a facilitator in Richard Barrett’s program Living Your Soul’s Destiny”.

Andre’s core values are independence, personal growth and making a difference.



Europe, Virtual & German


16 Old Mill Court
Cowpe | Rossendale | Lancs | BB4 7FD
United Kingdom
+44 1706 824692


PO Box 960
Waynesville, NC 28786
United States
+1 (828) 252-5550

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