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Else Nollet

Professional Biography

Else is a dedicated Global Trainer with 17 years of experience in facilitating cultural transformation in business and in education: a talented Senior Coach, a creative Senior Trainer, Teacher, and Mentor. She loves to share her learning.

Else’s scientific background (physics) gives her an analytic mindset that she combines with intuition and wisdom. Else’s approach is sensitive, pragmatic, dynamic and holistic, striving for wellbeing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

She can facilitate in Dutch, French, and English. Please see her LinkedIn profile for more information.
She has a passion for and experience delivering CTT certification and she has 12 years of active experience in delivering CTT certification. Preferred training is the CTT Practitioner training with the new experience based approach since 2015.

Her passion is transforming organisations into full spectrum sustainable and resilient organisations by building values-driven cultures and by supporting authentic leadership. With a heart for education and striving for a sustainable values-driven society.

Else’s core values are enthusiasm, creativity, and sustainability.




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