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Martin Egan

Professional Biography

Through ndc Martin offers C-suite retreats to align values and behaviours with strategy, while promoting responsibility and conscious choice to increase overall performance and productivity. Martin specialises in culture assessment and measuring culture transformation from a variety of approaches. His personal values of Accountability, Compassion, and Fairness help sustain his work. He helps executive teams to determine the most appropriate culture levers for their strategy using evidence-based culture measurement tools.

When Martin runs a Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT) training he integrates his experience of training psychosynthesis and psychotherapy courses to provide a safe setting for personal development and learning. His aims in CTT training is to equip participants to release energy for what is possible in individuals and groups to advance the shared will and purpose of organisations. Martin provides organisation-wide context for participants from his experience as a supervisor working in organisational consulting. Working with leaders, teams and organisational culture, he has led more than 30 global level culture transformation projects across all sectors.

“Who I am’ influences ‘how we work together’ and what we make possible,” is a keynote lecture and workshop offer Martin has developed and delegates say they go back to work inspired to balance focus on individual, relationships and task (I, We, It) and to focus more on their own development.

Martin delivers a lecturer for the MSc in Organisational Psychiatry at King’s College London where he introduces them to the BVC work. Before 2003 he held management roles in the life sciences, pharmaceutical and commercial laboratory industry. His work on coaching is published in Leadership Coaching: Working with Leaders to Develop Elite Performance (2010, Kogan, London).





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