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Tom Rausch

Professional Biography

As Director of Consulting at Barrett Values Centre (BVC). Tom is committed to helping align leadership team and company culture to deliver on business strategy.

Tom first became certified in deploying the BVC toolset in 2008. In 2020, he decided to go all-in with his friends at BVC and join their Global Partner Faculty to serve clients virtually and in North America. In 2021, he join the BVC full-time to head up the new Consulting Business Unit.

Tom has developed a unique skillset and capability for catalyzing sustainable culture transformation at scale, delivered using virtual and digital technology, in companies with both global and local footprints.

Because Tom has applied the Barrett assessments with great success in businesses ranging from the world’s largest consulting company (read Accenture story here), to family-run businesses of less than 100 employees, he knows first-hand the power of the insights that can be gleaned from BVC assessments.

At BVC we strive to bring the power of hard data to what many organizations still mistakenly assume is a soft, difficult to pin down and manage the aspect of doing business. Any organization who cares about their people and how their customers are treated knows the importance of creating a culture where people genuinely care about their work, the people they work with, and the people they serve. Any organization that strives for this level of excellence needs to deploy the Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) every couple of years. Doing so gives leaders at all levels a clear roadmap on what the people of the company need and want to get to their own next level of performance and personal fulfilment.

We are happy to train your staff on how to analyze the complexities of your unique culture. A consistent and precise measurement of the thousands of data points that tell the story of your culture can become your competitive advantage. You wouldn’t fly blind without data analysis and planning for any other part of your business, why would you leave your culture unexamined?

Call Tom to discuss arranging customized training for your team. Remember, we are also expert at delivering training and cultural transformation at a distance using online and other virtual learning technology. Virtual training eliminates the cost and expense of flying people to a single location.

Based in Columbus Ohio, Tom loves to help create cultures of coaching where everyone’s development matters and employees are not only engaged but fulfilled.






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