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Barrett Values Centre Education & Training (BVC E&T) provides dynamic blended learning solutions, including our global CTT Certification programmes, for individuals, leaders and organisations seeking to measure and develop their culture, employee engagement, leadership capacity, and organisational performance by exploring and learning how to apply BVCs globally recognised Seven Levels Model of Personal, Leadership, and Organisational Consciousness® (Barrett Model) and the Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTTools).  

The design, development, and delivery of these solutions are architected by BVC E&T with input from a group of senior members from our Global Partner Faculty (Partners) along with senior CTT consultants and experts in the field of leadership and business development.

BVC E&T solutions are offered here, through Compass, BVCs new Learning Management System (LMS). This new platform is designed to help attendees navigate their way through the discovery process of personal, leadership, and cultural transformation.

The blend of solutions offered in Compass includes self-paced and live (onsite and virtual) engagements.  These are supported and delivered to audiences around the world in multiple languages via our Professional Faculty and Global Partner Faculty.    


BVC Professional Faculty

Senior BVC staff who deliver specific E&T certification programmes and engagements when rolling out new products and services and/or serving a direct-client collaborative consulting project.  

Phil Clothier

Tor Eneroth

Tor Eneroth

Global Partner Faculty

BVC Global Partner Faculty for CTT Certification and Professional Development

Our Partners are experienced and highly esteemed consultants who have been working with CTT for several years. They are licensed to deliver CTT certification programmes on behalf of and at times in collaboration with BVC Professional Faculty.  

Chris Gomez

Life is a journey and a culmination of experiences. We know that some people have a clear path to where they are going. Some are explorers. In all cases our values and beliefs help shape and guide us along the way. We created Compass to provide learning, understanding, and to enrich the experience of the journey we are all on.”
Chris Gomez, CEO, Barrett Values Centre

BVC E&T learning solutions are a beacon for individuals, leaders and organisations seeking to realise their fullest potential and optimal performance by exploring, developing and embracing what truly matters.

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