Life is a journey and a culmination of experiences. We know that some people have a clear path to where they are going. Some are explorers, discovering as they go. In all cases, our values and beliefs help shape and guide us along the way.


Thousands of BVC Certified Consultants Worldwide

Collectively, our BVC Global Network represents hundreds of thousands of hours of expertise, insight, and wisdom working with leaders and organisations around the world.
Whether you are new to working with the Barrett Model™ and BVC Analytics or are an experienced BVC Certified Consultant, we welcome you to our learning community.



Deepen your awareness and understanding of how values influence key life decisions and leadership potential – in individuals, leaders and organisations.


Learn practical approaches to integrate Barrett Analytics into your business proposals/projects for transforming culture and leadership among your customers or your company.


Explore the Barrett Model™ and gain mastery in conducting and utilising the BVC Analytics and change process to strengthen your organisational culture.


Discover what hinders, and, more importantly, promotes individual, leadership and organisational growth, customer satisfaction, innovation, employee engagement, and fulfillment.


Develop competencies in analysing BVC Analytics and creating a collaborative dialogue with clients around key insights that facilitate the change process.


Join and collaborate with a global network of BVC Certified Consultants seeking to bring forth positive and sustainable change in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.



Global Partner Faculty

It was most valuable to understand not only the mechanics of the tool but the application and analysis of data – coaching around how to probe for answers and deliver the results to the clients. I feel I have been handed something of great value both to myself and my organisation.

Anne Weinman
National Trust, Australia

I was trained by Else as Part 1 certified user. I found this very successful as I have used it for many years to implement values-driven organisations. Else understands the links between theory and practice and has a very cordial personality.

Wim Hoeckman

The Cultural Transformation Tools® are powerful instruments that connect the tangible and the intangible through the use of practical language and a thought process focused on people. The certification workshop is a shining example of a plausible, pragmatic and positive development that is both concrete and complete.

Human Resources – Sanitarios ROCA, Spain

I went to Joanna Barclay for guidance in entering the leadership team of a workplace that was new to me and seemed not to be achieving its full potential. She was able to pinpoint areas of the organization’s culture using the values assessment and my own unconscious tendencies. As a result, we have brought our organizational leadership to a new level. I feel like we have been led to the summit by an experienced and knowledgeable Sherpa!

Robynn James
Chief Generosity Officer, IAHV – YES! For Schools

I have discovered a way of doing things, a method that I consider extremely useful in encouraging businesses to undergo the transformation process, “with and through” their people.

Associate – Thinkia, Spain

Pleuntje facilitated my certification, (..)with her open mind, diverse body of knowledge and passion for the work she does, I would recommend Pleuntje to any company who needs to dramatically turn around the way leadership operates.

Andries Fourie
Innovation Manager, South Africa

A true highlight of the program had been the support and wisdom of Ellen and space she helped create for us to jointly explore and co-create our true purpose.

Balaji K.

Powerful tools, amazing and practical programme, and great atmosphere.

Sakhele Skenjana
Johannesburg, SA

It was the best training I have been on. It exceeded all my expectations. The learning style that Niran imparted was so unique and is definitely the best way of learning. She really enabled the group dynamics to flow and spent a great deal of time focusing on the mindset, which was really important. Wow – what a fabulous facilitator. Niran took us on a learning journey that I never expected. Her strength, compassion, warmth, wisdom, and humour was inspiring and made me crave to learn. I did not want the training to end! Niran is a unique facilitator and I hope she continues to share her gift with the world.

Melissa Chamberlain
Deparmtnet of Human Services, Australia

Else conducted a Cultural Transformation Training (CTT, 1&2 parts) that I found extremely valuable. She demonstrated a high degree of expertise analysing cases of cultural transformation in different organisations. Her presentation was clear and rich with content about values and cultural transformation. Else was sensitive to others and could adjust learning methods according to group dynamics. She taught us how to use values and leadership assessment tools to create positive change in leadership and organisational culture. She is enthusiastic about her work and I certainly would recommend her for any training or consultancy project on this topic.

Jurgita Gaukstiene
Values and Leadership Consultant

The training may have changed my professional life. I love the tools and what you can do with it. Perfect adaptation to my needs and learning style, seamless experience with the virtual technology, realizing how powerful is the tool, surprisingly in coaching. I love Niran Jiang. Highly efficient and professional, yet human and authentic.

Solime Gaboriault
Foug, Canada


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