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“Inspirational … This course calls forth our deepest yearning – finding meaning in the expression of our higher purpose through our daily contribution. This experience underscored the importance of continuing to work on our own consciousness, transcending ego to be fully available to others in a coaching capacity. The possibilities this connectedness invokes in a relationship, both personal and professional will be sustained over time. I unreservedly recommend this course to those wishing to develop their leadership and coaching skills.”

-John Collingwood, Director, Global Organization Development, Medtronic International Trading


Transpersonal Coaching and Facilitation is a robust values-based model and coherent set of practical tools free of dogma. It is increasingly being seen as a powerful approach to re-engage personal commitment to the common good and to make the collective paradigm shifts required for building resilient and successful organizations in a VUCA world. The Transpersonal model recognizes the interconnectedness of individuals, communities, and organizations and actively engages our ability to work with and develop the systemic potential of these networks.

Sir John Whitmore, a pioneer and leading figure of coaching in the workplace, as well as a pre-eminent thinker in leadership development and organizational change, created this program. Niran Jiang has been teaching the program and practising the methodology with clients for over 12 years. Working closely with Sir John, she has continuously evolved the program based on trainee feedbacks and client experiences.

It is designed for coaches, managers, leaders, HR professionals and transformation practitioners who want to expand their client services to include the transpersonal dimension and to take their organizational development work to the next level. It will provide you with condensed theories, distilled methodologies, and practical tools to apply with clients for their everyday challenges. It will empower individuals and organisations to move to a place of sustainable performance, enjoyment, and fulfilment.


Learning Objectives

Transpersonal Coaching and facilitation, based on transpersonal psychology, actively engage with an individual’s spiritual intelligence building on emotional intelligence to enable deeper and broader perspectives on the challenges we face today. It demonstrates how understanding self-mastery, multiplicity, authenticity, and whole systems are paramount to achieving higher performance in one’s self and others as well as creating authentic leadership.

Our objective is to introduce you to the realm of transpersonal coaching and facilitation and provide you with the tools and methodologies to work with your clients. The program will give you leading-edge principles and techniques to help your clients discover the power and effectiveness of who they are and create deep and meaningful change.


During this workshop, participants will be engaged to:

  • Gain an introduction to spiritual intelligence and the transpersonal model, and gain an in-depth understanding of their practical applications to one’s self and clients.
  • Learn how to evaluate and conceptualize the experience of self-regulation, self-awareness, and self-motivation in professional practice.
  • Practice the two dimensions of growth as a diagnostic tool, and initiate a study of the multiplicity of the personality and its effect on personal fulfilment and professional performance.
  • Understand and start working with the creative potential inherent in problems, challenges and crises and the concept of emerging purpose.
  • Develop an understanding of the centrality of the Will and the importance of motivation, choice and personal responsibility for individual empowerment.
  • Receive feedback to gain a deep comprehension of their unique facilitation gifts and understand the importance of keeping a stable sense of identity and inner freedom.
  • Explore a personal action plan with passion and commitment to become the people leader, change agent and/or transformation coach they are meant to be.


Importantly, it is a journey for participants to experience:

  • Unfolding of their unique gifts and inner powers to facilitate with integrity, remaining vulnerable and present in the transformational journey of their clients.
  • Tapping into inner intuition and wisdom to use a range of personal resources and transpersonal techniques to inspire paradigm shifts and foster transformation with their clients.
  • Practising the use of their unique personal resources and transpersonal techniques to expand their coaching skills and strengths their transpersonal capabilities.

Niran will guide your learning with a wealth of practical knowledge, client case stories, and best practice studies. Participants will engage in a highly experiential journey to develop transpersonal expertise, practical skills as well as self-belief to make a difference in this field with your personal edge.


“The complexity of this transpersonal discipline was delivered in a comprehensive and applicable way, with so much potential in the direction of further exploration, development and growth. Essential training for all those who want to be change agents through coaching and facilitating transformational change. Niran’s methodology of teaching was the highlight. She creates an environment of a total win-win for all! It is a personal journey, a group journey and a journey that is just beginning with new perspective. Niran is an eclectic teacher. She is broad thinker, encyclopaedic, extensive, thought provoking in her process of teaching that inspires the true potential and creativity in those she is teaching. After her class people start living an examined life!”

-Dragana Lukic, New Strategy, Serbia

“Most valuable for me to get the clarity about myself for operating on higher levels of consciousness, to use the imagery, sub-personalities and future vision for gaining access to super-consciousness and to have discussions with Niran to go deeper into the topics most interesting for me. Niran made me feel safe, appreciated, joyous, happy and funny. She managed to create playful and learning atmosphere. Discussions were deep and up to the point. And I could also see that there’s still a lot of development potential for myself. I think the impact to my life is much deeper and more meaningful than I can describe now with words. It has lifted me to “higher” levels of understanding, living and working. The true impact will most likely unfold in coming years.”

-Ain Mihkelson, Coach, Estonia

“Transpersonal gives tools/methods to collect your thoughts and feelings on very fundamental topics. The fact that i was asked to take time to go apply some of that to myself really has opened some insights and am hopeful to continue working from my ‘balcony position. Niran was excellent, radiated a kind of ‘peace of mind’ and balance I can only dream of. She is very knowledgeable, with great ‘probing questions’ to stimulate awareness.”

– Filip Staelens, Saint-Gobain, Germany

“The balance of the experiential and theoretical was just right for me, as was the order. I chose Niran (in fact I stalked her) and she was my primary motivator as I felt we had to connect and do some work together. I got the opportunity to work on myself in spades and I am very grateful for that. Niran was entirely lovable, a very beautiful and wise soul, had laughter that fills a room with happiness, respectful and composed, a very good combination for a facilitator. I admire the way she never brings her stuff in but not to the detriment of her humanity. Her intelligence and knowledge is obvious too. I felt easier and lighter, and my heart is in a much better place and more capable of loving in a better way after the workshop.”

-Sandy Bennetts, Key Performance Consulting, Australia

“Powerful approach and tools, which I have already demonstrated one to my 13 years old daughter who is finding this approach useful. Niran links the theory to the real work of the participants and allows each person’s issues to be explored through the tools and in confidential ways.  The value of her facilitation is that she teaches the tool, shows how it applies to our work, and allows us to practice the tools to make it our own. Her timing is excellent and she ensures that topics are covered thoroughly.  She is intelligent, knowledgeable, and is highly experienced around issues pertaining to organisational matters. I would recommend her highly as a coach, as a trainer, as an organisational consultant.”

– Hermione Stewart, Emmanate, Australia

“I am inspired by the transpersonal work others are doing in the corporate world. The facilitation style, the models and the stories are most valuable. Awesome, insightful fun and knowledgeable facilitation!”

– Helen Louca, Global Dimensions, Australia

“It was well rounded for a diverse group of people. Learning the tools with specific examples of how to use and integrate them was the highlight for me. Niran is a beautiful soul that was a blessing to see, learn and share with, a pleasure being in the workshop and listening to her examples.”

-Daniela Falecki, Employers Toolbox, Australia

“So many dots were connected for me. The program’s positive approach and being in the moment was so powerful and life affirming, connecting to the Self and Universal consciousness. I have gained a lot from these two days. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, life stories and insights.”

-Joanna Barclay, Totem Hill, Singapore

“We each have our own truth, but this workshop is fundamental to good coaching practice, especially in its approach to the whole person and the whole system. Wonderful facilitators – wise, compassionate and responsible.”

-Sue Hanley, ICF, Australia

“I am deeply grateful to have found IHE and the opportunity to learn and grow as an individual and a coach. I set a detailed intention before the course started and to say that my every expectation was met is an understatement. It’s almost impossible to put a value on this training experience – I feel that I have gained in so many ways – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Every discussion, sentence, word, thought and feeling that came up for the duration of the course was priceless. Niran is an incredibly skilful and intuitive facilitator of transformation. She easily and effortlessly guided our Team through the training content, encouraged self exploration where appropriate and managed to fulfill both our individual needs and those of the Group. She created a safe and sacred space where we all felt free to become vulnerable which allowed us to do important work to increase our overall awareness. I learned so much simply by observing Niran and being in her (virtual!) presence. I am very much looking forward to working/training with Niran in the future.”

-Brenda Connolly, Coach, UAE

The highlight of the program for me was when through discussion with Niran I was able to reach a place of non attachment and also of observing myself working from what I would consider a place of light and flow which was abundant in my speech and being. It unlocked an understanding of how to write creatively. I would say I was experiencing cosmocentric view of life here on earth. My ideal for future coaching endeavours would be to help those who aspire to reach that place. Niran is a beautiful person, I feel privileged to of worked with her. Her patience and wisdom were something that exceeded my expectations in the course and the overall results that she facilitated. Overall the course exceeded my expectations on all levels. I would recommend anyone interested in this field of work or personal development to work with Niran or the course in general.”

-Daryl Millard, Coach, Australia

“The subject matter was most valuable! It made me think – which is why I came. I suspect time to reflect will add to my learning. I will be continuing my journey into this human dimension.”

-Guy Sutton, GSB, Australia

“Discussions and stories were the highlight. The doors were opened for further exploration. Great facilitation and workshop, and I wish to have more days and longer for this training!”

-Ella Zhang, Bank of China, Australia

“Niran, as always was open and willing to allow the learning. The sharing of others’ stories and encouragement to share my own was most valuable for me. PCF activity was very insightful and effective.”

-Christine Garberg, Produstrious People, Australia

“The program was most valuable to provide me with new ideas in coaching, frameworks, context to much of what space we work in as well as new things to plan with. Insightful and inspiring facilitators, who are authentic and live this. It has confirmed my (our) journey and I am grateful for that.”

-Michael Budden, Cebano Consultants, South Africa

“Be connected with myself was the highlight. I love the wisdom and freedom of the facilitators, and recommend this workshop! You will experience coaching at a different level. You will explore in yourself and with others the transpersonal wisdom and tools to apply to anyone and your clients.”

-Gabriela Infer Arrom, TransformAction, Spain

“Obviously very competent and experienced facilitators. The one-on-one exchanges and overall structure of the course was the highlight. It was a most valuable and inspirational experience that will help me to further develop my executive coaching skills.”

-Bernd Wanner, Konzepte GmbH, Germany

“I value the approach compared to remedial, having seen the remedial approaches create co-dependencies which aren’t healthy and helpful. Facilitators have great level of knowledge and insights. The highlight was working with many of the frameworks and models, and playing with them.”

-Llewellyn De Jager, Cebano Consultants, South Africa

“The process developed by the facilitators demonstrated alignment and integrity. The program is improving year after year. The workshop experience itself and the way the facilitators handle the group were the highlights. I love John and Niran.”

-Hector Infer, TransformAction, Spain

“The mix between theory and practice is most valuable, specifically when I was given the opportunity to experience the theory through practical reflections and exercises on myself. It was a good natural flow throughout the whole training. Tapping into Niran’s deeper wisdom and experience in the field of Transpersonal Coaching is the highlight of this program. I see this training as very valuable for both new and experienced coaches.”

– Tor Eneroth, Barrett Values Centre, Sweden

“The pace was perfect, and great use of tools matched with creativity. Good mix of theory with exercises. The whole process clicked for me. All parts were valuable. The flow starting with purpose tools and then moving to what I thought were “deep dive” tools worked well. The end gave good examples of un-learning our limiting beliefs. I loved learning the concept of symphony, and “I”. Nirangave me a tool to open up the “I” more often. She is a very special person and terrific to be around. Her coaching style is excellent. I can see her live these tools.”

– Jean Angus, Saint-Gobain, USA

“This course exceeded my expectations. It connected previous trainings in new ways and refreshed my sense of possibility for coaching. It was most valuable to have the combination of personal and professional tools and insights, and the highlight for me was the sense of growth coupled with client possibilities.”

-Joanna Maxwell, Work in Colour, Australia

“The imagery and the purpose exercises were the highlight of the program, with very knowledgeable facilitators. I enjoyed the relaxed free flowing style. It was very informative and thought provoking, fantastic to see coaching developing to this new level. Thank you!”

-Cathy Rolfe, Coach, Australia

The transpersonal experience – learning the tools experientially, the facilitator’s depth of skill & knowledge, the interactions, discussions & learning with the group and the peer coaching opportunity, both during and after the course are most valuable. Niran is an exceptional world-class facilitator & trainer, with a huge wealth of knowledge & experience beyond what I can put here in words. She brings a lifetime of learning to her work – her wisdom, intuitive knowing, insight into where each participant was at, ability to hold big space & develop each of our awareness & understanding of the material, and ability to bring each of us to a breakthrough was an exceptional learning & development experience. She added a powerful dynamic to the group, is a delightful person to work with, her humour & lightness added a lovely energy. She has a wonderful ability to span & integrate different modes of thinking & knowing. She was also generous with her availability leading up to, during & after the training. This work has further awakened & ignited my passion & motivation to begin this work.”

-Julie Phillis, Coach, Australia


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