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To build and maintain a values-driven organisation or team, you need to know how to initiate and influence your leadership and culture.  Discovering how values underpin this is an important first step. Equally so is learning how to make the most of quality metrics that identify where and how your organisation is thriving by catalysing employee engagement. Whether you are just getting started or have been a Barrett Certified Consultant for some time, our new eCourses put learning at your fingertips.


Understanding Your Values takes you on a 45-minute journey through the world of personal values, why they’re important, and how they influence the decisions you make.  Additionally, it explores how to make the most of your own complimentary Personal Values Assessment (PVA).


COMING SOON – Pathway to a Thriving Organisation takes you on 45-60 minute journey into the world of organisational values and why they’re important, and how they influence your capacity to grow, evolve, and innovate. You’ll learn how values directly impact your ability to improve performance and profitability, engender teamwork, and inspire leaders to realise their goals, drawing upon the Individual Values Assessment (IVA) and Cultural Values Assessment (CVA).



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