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Whole System Cultural Change in the Context of New Business Paradigms



To work with the entire corporation in Whole System Cultural Change requires a major paradigm shift to go beyond the Industrial Revolution concepts and scientific based approach and methodology. This two days’ workshop aims to provide an invitation to such a change and to explore both the theory and business cases of WSCC.

A profound invitation lies ahead: how to expand traditional managerial knowledge, methodology and experience, as presented today in the business schools, to provide avenues for the expansion of both the corporation as an entity and the individuals within, in the search for meaning and sustainability. This requires integrating the focus on products and services with social impacts, attending customers’ needs and be of service to societies.

Based on Richard Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness and the four processes of alignment as presented in the CTT certification courses, Adolfo Jarrín shares his theory as well as experiences and findings from five major multiannual projects of whole system change within multinationals corporations, that were based in new and emerging business paradigms.

This workshop posts an invitation to welcome corporate culture as a source of both economic and social value. It is based on Adolfo’s experience and his book entitled: From the Industrial Revolution to the Corporate Evolution (In Spanish).

The workshop has been designed to connect with corporate C.E.O’s, Culture or HR Managers and Business Consultants, who might have the interest in exploring how to expand current business model through working with culture as a source of business and social value.

It is being offered both in English and Spanish, please use these links:

Workshop in English           Workshop in Spanish


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